Helping communities through service

Our mission

Getting into technology or programming can be a giantic challenge. We know this because most professionals that have "graduated" through or currently lead our meetups have suffered through this process. Regardless of the learning curve, listed below are the various elements of our mission.


Whether through mentorship at one of our meetups or a conversation through our online chat community, we think people deserve free, no-strings-attached assistance.

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When diving into a new trade and industry, it's incredibly hard to know where to go or who to talk with to get help. We take great pride in directing people to a next step that fits within their schedule and won't break the bank.


It goes without saying, but it should be no surprise that our world and pockets of society have not always treated people fairly. No matter a person's gender, color, creed or situation, we want to empower the tech industry to serve and be led by all people.

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Our team

Teamwork makes the dream work

For real though, the people listed below are the salt of the earth and deserve so many pats on the back. They lead meetups, develop project-based presentations, connect with potential partners, answer all sorts of questions, and generally keep this ship afloat. Looking to connect with good, driven, knowledgeable technologists? Look no further.

Emily Andrews

Knoxville leader

Stefan Hodges-Kluck

Knoxville leader

Alan Carpenter

Cookeville leader

Terrell Jackson

Montgomery leader

Chris Finney

Birmingham leader

Ray Randle

Birmingham leader

James Q. Quick

Memphis leader

Tim Mathis

Memphis leader

JC Smiley

Memphis leader

Lawrence Lockhart

Memphis leader

Ted Patterson

Founder / General manager

Interested in volunteering and joining our team?

We think that's great and would love to talk with you!

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Without the people behind these wonderful initiatives and products we would not be able to support our mission. For this we are greatly thankful and think that you should definitely check them out!

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