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Thanks to Slack, no matter the device or system, help is always one click and message away.

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Looking to connect with a group of beginners, mentors, and leaders? Whether we've already got things set up in your local area or not, we have got lots of groups for you to dive into.



The overall mission of this platform is to set up a cooperative place that pushes people to succeed. From study buddies to job lead motivation, help is on its way!

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Local meetups

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These gatherings aren't class, so there won't be a teacher, but it is your opportunity to talk with other people and get help jumpstarting your learning process or with a programming lesson / personal project you've been working on.

Upcoming events

As a key player in the Memphis Technology User Groups, Code Connector organizes workshops, meetups, and events that bring tech enthusiasts together to learn, network, and explore new technologies.


Not seeing an event in your area?

No worries! Join our online community and/or send word our way and, with your help, we'll work to create a meetup in your local community.

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Whether you're needing assistance or just want to say hello, we'd love to hear form you.