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Food & Drinks





What you'll receive


When people or organizations contribute to their community we believe that this deserves to be celebrated. When contributions have been made, we'll do a few things:

  1. Share your company or team's name via our social media accounts
  2. Include your name as a sponsor in our event description
  3. Add your name or logo to our event image(s)
  4. Announce your contribution and give a general descrition of your service at the beginning or end of a meetup
Attendees seated around two tables having discussions
Mostly standing attendees led in discussion by mentor


In addition to giving contributors the credit they deserve, we want to take this one step further by offering up the chance to engage with the potential hires, clients, and students in your community.

If you or one of your teammates are present at our meetup, we'll set you up with the opportunity to make genuine connections with eager folks in your community.

Who we're looking to partner with


Recruiting agencies

Colleges & universities

Bootcamp programs

Local development teams

Software companies

These are some sponsors that currently support us or have supported us in the past

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